Fujian BenLu Textile Technology Co., Ltd.
Fujian Benlu Textile Science & Technology Co.,Ltd.
Release time:2018/04/03
Fujian deer Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the South Industrial Park of Ninghua overseas Chinese Economic Development Zone, invested by Sanming textile Limited by Share Ltd in Fujian province. It was registered and established in June 2013. The registered capital is 124 million 200 thousand, covering an area of 218 mu. The design capacity is 12000 tons of cotton yarn and 16 million meters of cowboy cloth, the main production equipment includes The technical level of the advanced level carding unit, R35 high speed belt self leveling frame machine, TWF1516 high speed suspended spindle roving machine, HFJA compact spinning frame, core bamboo slug machine, Japanese village NO.21C-S automatic collaterals, American Morrison and Hongkong fascicular dyeing machine, Italy rapier weaving machine, etc., the technical level of this project are all domestic First or the advanced international level. At present, the first stage spinning project has been invested 220 million yuan, and 80 thousand cotton spinning spindles have been built and put into operation. The annual output value can reach 200 million yuan. The two phase of the denim project has invested 200 million yuan, and has entered the review stage of construction drawings. It is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2019.
The "Canary" brand yarn produced by Fujian deer Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is a famous brand product in Fujian province. It is all compact Siro spinning equipment, which is dominated by two "differential" routes of raw materials and processes, and the following series of varieties are produced as follows:
Pure viscose series compact.
You are fine cotton / cotton series match
Pure bamboo fiber series compact.
* bamboo / cotton blended compact game series
* pure modal (Lenzing Series).
* cotton / Modal (Lenzing) compact series
* (three) compact pure modal series
* cotton / Modal blended Compact Series (three)
* pure modal (India Bora) compact series
* (India fine cotton / Modal blended compact series Nigeria)
* bamboo / Modal blended Compact Series
Pure Tencel series compact.
Extractive cotton / Tencel Blended Compact Series
By all kinds of tight match bamboo series
By all kinds of functional fiber Compact Series
From 20 -100 branches, complete specifications and high quality, they enjoy high brand reputation in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Fujian.
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