• 01.011920

    Fujian Sanming textile Limited by Share Ltd's history can be traced back to the Wuxi Qingfeng textile mill was founded in 1920, after the liberation of public-private partnership established in Shanghai cotton
  • 10.091970

    Moved to Sanming in 1970, is the three line construction period, Fujian's large textile mill
  • 01.092000

    At the beginning of 2000, when he was governor of Fujian Comrade Xi Jinping rate provincial leaders to visit my factory research forum, determined by policy support, help three spinning state-owned asset restructuring for the exit, full ownership of the limited liability company.
  • 11.092010

    November 2010, by the Fujian province Shen Industrial Co., Ltd. in the form of the overall acquisition of equity concentration
  • 06.092013

    In June 2013, in order to seek greater development, enterprises were changed to Limited by Share Ltd according to the requirements of the modern business model.